Ok so this is what Fi is!! Part two

I had a short conversation with an ESFP.

He was talking about how he can’t be invested in something if it doesn’t matter to him personally.

Even for work, it has to matter to him at an intimate level, or else he will be demotivated.

And I went, “holy shit this is Fi”.

Of course in my head not out loud.

The concept is so foreign to me that honestly, I don’t think I’ve thought about work this way even once.

Waaay back in college when I was job hunting, I had some very shallow ideas about wanting to go to a publishing house because i LiKe ReaDinG and iT fElt LIkE tHe rIgHt tHiNg tO dO. But never followed through. Didn’t care enough.

Or waaay back as a ten year old, I wanted to be a concert violinist. I’m an ex-child prodigy like every other upper middle class INTP.

But now, even if I had the skill to perform at a level that would make me happy, and the opportunity to, I still don’t think I would go for the job. I do love the violin but would I make it “the thing” for the rest of my life? I don’t know.

But I do know that storytelling probably is.

I don’t really know why but time just stops when I’m writing. It’s like I get to have a break from my physical existence.

And again I don’t know why but the stories just keep coming out. It’s amusing. I’ll randomly start with a character in a setting and things just start happening. I’m at the stage where I don’t look at individual words anymore. (It’s fun).

And this is the creepy part, but for some reason, every story somehow wraps up with a satisfying ending. I swear I don’t use Ti for it, that’ll be way too hard. It just…happens.

It’s fun because it’s like watching a movie. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, and for some reason, all the threads come together and I go “OMG this is so cool!”.

The drawback to this is that I can’t guarantee a happy ending. Oh well. There goes my dream of Kindle Romance stardom *shrug*.

Is this Fi?

I don’t know but it feels good. //

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  1. Watched “Maps of Meaning lecture 2” from 1992 by Jordan Petersson yesterday. Real interesting stuff about stories. Instead of characterizing the world like Jung into archetypes, he notes that the brain has several modes of operation, can make new modes of operation at random and generally works as either a generative network (optimally doing something without thinking), a pattern recognition network (seeing and applying patterns without understanding them) or as an explanatory network (thoroughly understanding something and being able to communicate that understanding). Stories would be quite like pattern recognition, art would be simplest to generate through these patterns. As you think more about it, the stories become worse, because the point of the patterns is that you dont understand them. As you think less about the stories, they lose meaning, as they turn out way too chaotic and procedural.

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        1. Yes I already know. Just wanted to confirm😂

          And I’m sorry but I struggle to be patient with u. Please don’t Ti wall of text on my comments. It’s rude.
          If you need help you can look at the women INTPs (Louise is a great example) commenting here.


          1. I had fun learning about it, so I assumed you might like it with you being a story writer and all. Didnt expect you to get anxious, sorry about that.

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    1. Oh and this again is random but do u happen to be drawn to ENTJ women?

      I have a theory about INTP men that come to my blog and it’s that they’re drawn to my writing style (I write like an ENTJ in English for reasons that I’ll spare u for now).


      1. No idea what such a person would be like. With all honesty and not to be negative about your blog, but I tend to skim through it. I normally talk in tangents and your writing seems quite like that so I feel like reading some of the words is enough to get the vibe you’re going for.

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