This is why you need an ENTP in your life

One day on Discord I was bitching to the ENTP about my stupid first world INTP problems.

After 5000 words of monotonous INTP wall-of-text, the ENTP came back with one sentence.

“just write what you feel”

To this I respond, obviously,

“i dont know what i feel”.

And they clarify. And change my life.

Basically, an ENTP does everything by the seat of their pants. They don’t plan because they’ll never follow through with it anyways. Makes sense.

I’m the opposite. Yes I’m a P type but when Ti gets involved, everything is a big interlinking system with movable parts. Of course I’ll be a control freak. I Ti my way out of everything and naturally this includes writing.

And naturally, I had turned into a serial “plan, then don’t do” person.

Ugh this writing is bad.

In short, their solution was to think on a “by-sitting” basis (my words, obviously, not theirs).

I wanted to build a global framework for… my entire life I guess…? And since I couldn’t figure it out in 16 hours I was freaking out.

Stupidity! Utter stupidity.

And their solution is amazing.

Just sit down and write whatever you feel at the moment. On that precise second.

Oh god this is amazing.

Because at the end of the day, I don’t get to pick what I write. Since I exploit my subconscious for writing, I get an unlimited quantity of stories, in turn relinquishing control over content. That’s the deal.

And so since you can’t control content anyways, why even plan? Says the ENTP.

Holy shit they were right. And I fear not for the last time.

Why even plan? Just sit down and grab your phone and let it come out. Some days I’m going to write trashy fanfic. Some days I’m going to write a gut wrenching story that makes grown men cry. I don’t get to pick. I’ve given it up.

And this is SO mind numbingly obvious, and freeing, and wonderful and beautiful that I cannot even.

It’s good. It’s a good life. //

2 thoughts on “This is why you need an ENTP in your life”

  1. Interesting because what he told you to do is basically how I write, but at the same time I am completely out of touch with my feelings and unable to express them in a way I feel satisfied with. My piano instructor even commented that hearing me play is like listening to an actor read lines without any emotion behind them. That’s more to do with me being new than anything, though. Haha

    What I struggle with is the knowledge that once I’ve written down what I FEEL (wish you could italicize in comments, it drives me crazy) I should edit it a few times to make it legible and to be sure I’ve gotten my point across. I’ve attempted to get in the habit of doing that several times with my blog now and it never sticks. I always choose the instant gratification of getting my “feelings” out there over publishing something that I’m truly proud of.

    It is a good life though. Just gotta keep practicing and pushing myself. 🙂 Glad everything seems to be working out for you!

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