Academic =\= smart

Just in case you don’t know.

Academic =\= smart.

An academic is someone who gets paid to categorize existing information. It’s a job name.

The problem though is that academics tend to think of themselves as smart. Which makes sense I guess, maybe, considering that they would have been praised by their school teachers for getting good grades their entire lives. Children respond to their mothers and external praise. It’s natural.

Oh, and just in case you’re bad at math, let me woman-splain.

Smart academics do exist.

It’s just that being an academic doesn’t automatically equal being smart. Black birds do exist but that doesn’t mean all birds are black. This thing.

So keep in mind next time someone brags about their degree.

They might be an idiot.

Laughing? You’re healthy.

Triggered? Duh. I use ancient voodoo fiction writing techniques (and yes this is fiction). I do something in every line. (You have been warned).