INTP emotional management strategy for adult creatives (say age 29+)

This is what I learned this week. As usual YMMV and please think about it for a week before dumping your counter argument.

  • When you’re at home and bored, write on your phone
  • Fill all of your spare time with writing. Who cares
  • When in pain double down on the Concrete and External World*
  • When in doubt go Movement**


*Concrete: Sleep, food, sunshine. External world: Physically go outside and do something concrete like karaoke or shopping or getting good food at a restaurant. Walking alone doesn’t count for me bcz it’s internal. Chatting on Discord doesn’t count bcz it’s abstract.

**Movement: An INTP alone will sink ever deeper into the internal and eventually end up in the ivory tower from hell. So you need to inject chaos and randomness. If you can’t do this on your own (hint: you probably can’t) deploy an ENTP/ INTJ and let them set the standard for speed. If it feels too fast and scary you are being a dork. If you are worried about quality you are being religious. Quality does not increase with added time, you’re not a plumber for Christ’s sake. You’re an artist. Grow up.