Why it’s useless to hover over the design of your blog

Because if the writing is bad no one will care. QED.

A kind note to make you feel better: whether a piece of writing is good or not solely depends on the reader’s feelings. You as a writer don’t get to judge. It’s not your job. Don’t take this job away from the readers. By writing and publishing fiction you are making somebody, somewhere, happier. It’s kind of the way it works. There’s a reason there are 700 million writers. We have 700 million readers and they all want different things. You might be the one that tickles that 52 year old South African man’s funny bones. Do you want him to be bored?

And another tangent while we’re at it.

The reader reception ratio (for creative writing) will always be:

Hate: like : love = 10% : 80% : 10%

10% will hate it, 80% will enjoy it normally, and 10% will f*cking gush over it.

Let’s say you changed something in chapter two. The ratio stays the same.

Hate: like : love = 10% : 80% : 10%

Let’s say you got better at writing and came back to fix it three years later. The ratio stays the same.

Hate: like : love = 10% : 80% : 10%

You can’t escape this ratio, whether you are a noob or an immortal master. It’s kind of eternal. Sorry.

So hurry up and go back to your computer.

We’re waiting.