PSA: If you’re gifted, you’re going to have to do math or something everyday for the rest of your life to stay sane

This is intended to be a PSA for the gifted people that land on this blog.

I’m putting this out there because I wish I knew this earlier.

If you’re intellectually gifted, you’re going to have to do something everyday to get your “fill”, or else you will develop a mental disorder and go insane. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel bored or apathetic, this is why.

If you already have an intensive day job, say, like doing mathematical research, building next generation energy sources, doing scientific experiments, creative work, etc etc, anything really, that leaves you intellectually fulfilled and happy to go to sleep at the end of the day, you won’t need this.

But if your day job is boring/stupid/easy/nonexistent, and you find yourself bored at the end of the day, going on the internet to look for interesting information, looking up information on giftedness and high IQ, being depressed, being resentful at the rest of the world, etc etc etc, this is why.

The obvious solution is to get a better job (or get a job), but I know this isn’t possible for everybody.

So the next best thing is to simply fix an hour or two (or four or six) every evening where you hunker down on a hard topic.

My favorite at the moment is math. You only need a pencil and paper, there are plenty of free resources available online, you can libgen textbooks, there are tons of unsolved problems to keep you busy, and if something is too easy you can always keep going deeper and deeper until you don’t understand — THEN the fun begins.

(Tangent: though beware the mathematical disease. This is apparently a common phenomenon where an amateur mathematician will become obsessed with a specific problem and essentially waste their life trying to solve it. Be aware of this meta)

I guess any topic can work too, as long as it’s challenging enough that you can’t understand everything on the first read. Or you don’t end up the smartest person in the room (this is why STEM is safer imho).

If you don’t address these intellectual needs of yours, you will develop a mental disorder and go insane sometime in midlife.

The End