I figured out office work optimization (minimum effort — best evaluation — least drama)

I have 11 basic pointers.

  1. Identify your direct boss’s MBTI type and let them do their top two functions every day
    1. Example – if they’re an ENTP, let them do their Ne Ti rambling. If they’re an ESFJ, let them do the moral crusading and preaching. NEVER INTERRUPT!!!! You’re being paid to listen!
  2. Agree with them on everything and do everything as they say
  3. Identify your top three responsibilities and go psycho on them 120%. 200% if the C suite sees it directly.
  4. Don’t touch anything that isn’t your job
  5. Don’t mention new ideas or suggestions unless you’re happy doing it
  6. Be brisk with all the clueless/naive/idealistic people that don’t understand give and take (they are ignorant-evil and will waste your time)
  7. Build reciprocal relationships with the realist ones (I scratch your back, you scratch mine. These relationships last for a long time)
  8. You don’t have to work on improving yourself. But go crazy fucking psycho on public speaking!! This skill has the best ROI. Watch YT, go on Clubhouse, copy an ESFP
  9. You can ignore all business books. But if you want to read, read about how to manipulate people, how to sell, and how to save time. This pays back.
  10. Only take on responsibilities that sound good in your next job interview. If you’re stuck with a dead end task, delegate it to an intern or a clueless person, or try to make it so it’s not necessary
  11. If you’re female be thin and pretty and have long hair. If you’re male work out and be athletic and try to make your voice lower.

End. I figured out my life and am now officially bored.